For my show at 4 north main gallery in 2010 I made a series of paintings called the Paumanok paintings. Paumanok is the native name for Long Island and means the island that pays tribute, tribute to the gods maybe? Anyone who spends time out here is aware of all the roads, ponds, creeks etc that have native american names.  I did a little research and named my paintings after some of these.  The big painting, 'Shinnecock" is named after the island's largest tribe. 'Montauk' is not only the end but named after another tribe the Montauketts. 'Agawam', the lake in the middle of Southampton, also means pleasant water and 'Matttituck' means a great creek. 'Accabonac', a creek in Springs, refers to a root place and 'Peconic'  the name of the big bay is a named for a small nut field. 'Sebonac' is a small lake, 'Noyac' a point of land, 'Cutchogue' a place of principal and 'Tuckahoe' and edible plant or fungus. 'Wyandanch' is the name of a great cheif or sachem of the Montaucketts and I could find no reference to 'Wickapogue'. This was a fun project since when paintings are abstract they can take on any name or meaning.